Interplay UK Technokit Rivetz Dragon Extreme Card Scupture

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PRODUCT: Interplay UK Technokit Rivetz Dragon Extreme Card Scupture ( Interplay Rivetz

DESCRIPTION: A craft kit for children to build a colour 3D card sculpture of a dragon, connected using plastic rivets. Contents include 30 x pre-cut printed card pieces, 1 x Technokits Rivetz Gun, 40 x Technokit Rivetz Rivets, 40 x Technokit Rivetz Rivet centres, and instructions. Other available Rivetz sets include a giant hornet and a racing car. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: This Dragon Extreme Card Scupture kit is one in a new and quite brilliant range of Rivetz designs which are like nothing you've seen before, taking construction models to a whole new level...with not a drop of glue in sight!

The kit, in our opinion, sits somewhere between jigsaws and traditional construction kits like Meccano and LEGO, except that the pieces are connected together using a rivet gun and rivets. The kit consists of a large number of good quality card sheets containing pre-cut and pre-printed pieces representing all the various parts of the Dragon, with fantastic attention to detail in the body markings, limbs, scales and use of colour. These body parts are listed in the accompanying instructions manual and correspond to the numbers on the front of each sheet.

The kit is designed to be as easy as possible to construct, and while the card pieces come flat-packed they are pre-creased with clear fold lines on the back to aid manipulation. The back of the pieces are numbered with a code which tells you which sections need to be riveted together, sometimes with as many as five or six pieces needing to be attached together at the same time...a good challenge for small (or big) hands!

Interplay RivetzThe kit includes its own Technokit 'Rivetz Gun', a red plastic rivet gun which is safe for young children to use, and which uses a unique self-locking Rivertz system to secure the card pieces together by inserting 2-piece plastic rivets (also provided). The gun can also be effectively used to remove rivets should a mistake be made (as outlined in the instructions). The beauty of riveting the card together is that it not only gives strength and robustness to the model, but also enables the various body limbs to move.

Throughout the building process, colour photos and detailed instructions are provided which ensure that your model is going to plan. The end result is a brilliantly detailed 3D fantasy dragon, complete with fierce set of teeth, which can be either hung up or displayed free standing!  

In our opinion, this is a unique and quite brilliant model kit for young children to get their teeth into, and one which they will enjoy making, re-making and showing off to all their friends and family.

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £12.99


Available from Amazon: Rivetz Dragon Card Sculpturealt


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