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Article: Ideal Experience Days for Dad!

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Top 5 Experience Days Out For Dads

Having an unforgettable day out with the kids is something every Dad should try to do every now and then, as a way to treat himself and the kids to an experience they won’t forget. Whether it is the summer holidays, a birthday or even just a random weekend, we all deserve a little break from the ordinary.

So here is my top 5 experience days out for Dads in the UK:

1. ZorbingExperience Days Zorbing

Climb inside a 3m high ball with the kids and roll down a hill at high speed as you hold on for dear life. Throw water into the mix and become part of a huge washing machine, as you are spun out of control in a wet and slippery ride in the Aqua sphere!

Experience Days Jet Skiing2. Jet Skiing

Kids just love water and that’s why jet skiing has made its way into my top 5 experience days out for Dads. Jet skiing is like riding a motorbike at high speed, except you are surrounded by water throughout the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. It is extremely enjoyable to have control of how fast you want to ride if you don’t want to scare the kids too much. Riders also have the ability to reach speeds of over 70mph if they wish. Some of the best jet skiing experiences will have expert instructors available to teach the art of jet skiing.

3. PaintballingExperience Days Paintballing

This is one I almost put at number one because it has to be one of the most nerve-racking, adrenaline-filled experiences out there, especially the first time you do it. One great thing about paintballing that makes it child-friendly is the option to wear body armor that will cushion the high impact paintballs from bruising the little ones. You can be tactical and plan your ambush on the opposing team, as you dodge and dive amongst the trees and the wounded. It’s impossible to return home from a paintballing experience without war stories to tell.

Experience Days Recording Session4. Recording Session

If you want to give the kids a taste of the recording studio and inspire their musical side, then find an experience day out in a recording studio where you can get high quality recordings of you and the kids. If you or one of your kids has been playing an instrument for a while, or sings and would like to hear themselves, then getting them their first recording is a priceless gift.

5. FishingExperience Days Fishing

Fishing has to be one of the best bonding sessions for Dads and their kids. Spend the day out, rod in hand and tactics in mind as you eagerly wait for the bite. Fishing can be a fairly technical and expensive sport to get into, so fishing experience days will allow you to get stuck right in and get tuition on getting your first proud catch.

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