Article: Improving Lives Through Sure Start

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Sure Start is a government programme designed to improve the lives of children, parents and therefore communities. The aim is to increase the availability of childcare for all children, improve health and emotional development for young children, and provide support for getting parents back to work.

Sure Start

Sure Start is generally aimed towards disadvantaged or low income areas so as to provide help where it is needed most in these areas. The scheme covers early education, childcare, health and family support through the establishment of Sure Start Children's Centres.

These centres are designed to be a central hub of services for parents and children. Services vary but they may include:

  • some form of early education and childcare
  • support and advice for parents and families
  • child and family health services
  • advice on work opportunities for parents

All the services together are aimed at providing the best possible support and outcome for all children in that Sure Startarea. Currently there are around 3000 centres in England, with the aim to further increase this over time, so look out for information on Sure Start in your local area. For a list of Sure Start Centres across the UK, please click here.

For low income families, Sure Start also provide maternity grants which do not need to be repaid. For more information on all of this, SureStart have an excellent website which is very detailed and provides lots of relevant links - click here to find out more.


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