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Thinking we'd be stuck for something to do this wet and chilly February half term, my son and I were fortunate enough to attend the LolliBop Mini Disco held at the Ministry of Sound on Sunday 12th February 2012.

With doors opening at 12pm, we got there in plenty of time and were whisked through blacked-out double doors by some rather burly door staff into a bubble- filled clubbing wonderland. Despite my initial apprehension at taking my seven year old to one of the world's premier night-clubbing venues (sharing dance space with the likes of Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez and David Guetta may be lost on my little one) I was suitably impressed. Scooby Doo, a juggler and a bubble-blowing genius soon had the kids' attention.


The live stage area had frantic hula-hooping activities to entertain kids and parents alike, although space was at a premium and a few tears resulted from the odd wayward hoop. Barn-dancing with the Hoedown Collective swiftly followed and after twenty minutes we went in search for some well-deserved refreshments. Unfortunately this involved a trip outside in the cold but outside heating and seating was available for munching and snacking.

A quick dash back into the warmth and I was reminded of the organiser's safety efforts, poles and posts were padded and free ear protection for little clubbers was available. With a loo stop required before diving back into the entertainment I was again impressed. The toilets were well signposted, accessible and clean. A separate baby changing and feeding area (the Boob and Botty boudoir) was located upstairs away from all the main entertainment.


Back to the live stage for Beat Box lessons, it was clear parents were having much more fun learning this new skill than their young offspring and I'm fairly certain I'm now officially down with the kids! Some rather energetic headdress-wearing hosts continued to encourage the adults to join in briefly before limbo dancing ensued. An impromptu visit by new boy band FTW was followed by much-anticipated special guests Dick and Dom who began their DJ set. With a great view it wasn't long before shaving foam pies were flying in our direction. My son was highly amused by the frenetic energy of his CBBC heroes.

Come 5pm, we were suitably exhausted. With coats collected from the cloakroom we headed off eagerly anticipating the summer LolliBop Festival.

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