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Article: The Importance of Baby Bonding with Dad

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In all the initial excitement of a new baby, dads often feel they need to step back and let mum take the lead in bonding through feeding and

BabaSling bonding nursing. But the team at baby sling company BabaSlings Ltd knows that dads play a key role in their baby’s development and it’s never too early to start the bonding experience. 

BabaSlings Ltd Founder Daniel Lucas, who has recently become a new dad himself, believes using his slings are one of the most important ways dads can bond with their baby. The closeness, natural smell of dads, the skin and the sound of his heartbeat all help to create a secure and nurturing space to soothe and relax baby.

BabaSlings Ltd’s tips for dads to bond with their babies:

Be close - All babies love to be close to their parents and a sling makes it easy to do this whilst keeping hands free. Recent research trials have shown that carrying a baby for one and a half hours per day in a baby carrier such as theBabaSling® reduced day time crying by 43% and night time crying by 51%.

Talk - Babies often love the deeper sound of their dad’s voice, so chatting to their newborn whilst in the sling will help aid that connection.

Touch – Ask your midwife or attend baby massage classes together. It’s a wonderful way to spend time together and studies have also shown that massage can really help to ease digestion and colic.

Own part of baby’s routine - Owning bath time is a great role that can be done from the first month and gives mum time to do some other jobs or relax. Babies love stories, even at a very early age, so reading a short story every night can create special time for dads and their little one.

Go out together - Taking baby for a walk in the fresh air can be a fantastic way for both dad and baby to relax. A sling such as theBabaSling® with multiple carrying positions means baby can stay wrapped up warm and protected from the elements no matter what the weather.

BabaSlings Ltd are one of the UK’s leading baby slings company and have a stylish range of baby carriers great for both dads and mums.

theBabaSling® is an ideal companion for all parents. It makes going out easy by reducing the dependency on a stroller, it offers a discrete space for feeding in public, and can be adjusted to any member of the family in seconds.

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