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Angelcare Analogue Movement and Sound Monitor

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PRODUCT: Angelcare AC401 Analogue Movement and Sound Monitor ( Digital Movement and Sound Monitor

DESCRIPTION: A baby safety system which is compatible with all cot mattresses and combines a sound monitor and baby movement monitor in the same system. Includes sensor pad and cable, parent unit (receiver) with LCD screen and base charger, nursery unit (transmitter) with built-in night light, 2 x 7.5v AC adapters, 4 x AAA rechargeable batteries for the parent unit, and an instructions guide. The nursery unit takes four AAA standard batteries (not included).

ASSEMBLY: The set up is similar to the original Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, and the accompanying instructions booklet is very detailed for all aspects of the product. The sensor pad should be placed underneath the mattress in the centre of the cot, with the cable running under the cot and plugged into the nursery unit (which must be at least 15 inches away from the sensor pad). Both the parent and nursery units come with AC adapters for connecting to plug sockets, and to avoid feedback both units must be at least 3 metres apart. The parent unit comes with a set of rechargeable batteries which must be placed into the back of the unit upon purchase. The unit must be charged up for at least 15 hours before using for the first time. The nursery unit comes also with a battery compartment to hold four standard batteries, which works as a back-up in case of a power failure. If no movement is detected by the sensor pad for a period of 20 seconds, the parent unit will alert you via alarms, vibration and visual effects.

GOOD POINTS: This is a largely improved version of the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor and has much advancement over the original. Whereas previously the monitor only included sound and motion sensors, the new version improves on this with many additional features, including a built-in night light on the ring of the nursery unit, and an LCD screen on the parent unit which displays not only baby’s room temperature and sound levels, but also small icons to indicate selected functions (described below).

Other improvements of the monitor include a choice of eight rather than two channels, which reduces the previous problems of interference and ensures maximum reception, and a fully portable parent unit which can simply be recharged as required on the base charger. The parent unit stayed charged for a good number of hours, and to aid transportation has a handy belt clip on the back to enable you to easily carry it around at all times.

The many functions of the baby monitor are controlled remotely via the parent unit’s LCD screen and option buttons. These functions are briefly described below but are also detailed in full in the instructions manual:

  • As your baby is sleeping you can choose to monitor sound only, movement only (i.e. via the sensor pad), or both. If movement is chosen there is also a ‘tic’ option which can be selected, which activates a ticking sound every time the sensor pad detects a movement. Regardless of whether this option is chosen, a swinging pendulum icon on the LCD screen indicates that the pad is monitoring movement. A continuous beeping alarm will sound if no movement is detected over a 20 second period (the alarm can be turned off using the centre ‘Exit’ button). A sensitivity dial on the back of the nursery unit can be adjusted to take account of your preferences for monitoring your baby’s movements as well as their weight and size.
  • An ‘out of range’ indicator function lets you know when there is too much distance or interference for the parent and nursery units to communicate. This feature can simply be selected or deselected as required. The range of the monitor is up to 250 meters in open space and between 80-100 meters indoors.
  • If you prefer not to hear your baby’s every move and sound then a ‘microphone sensitivity’ option allows you to hear only sounds over a level of sensitivity selected by you (referred to as ‘voice activated’). In other words, the nursery unit will only detect and transmit to the parent unit sounds above a specified noise level. A ‘continuous’ mode is also available however if you prefer to hear your baby at all times.
  • You can choose from either an alarm and/or a vibration option on the parent unit to alert you if the sensor pad detects no movement.
  • The parent unit displays your child’s current room temperature but also includes a ‘room temperature control’ feature which can be set to beep if the temperature falls above or below a core temperature range specified by you.
  • Other features include general sound volume control using the arrow keys on the front of the parent unit, plus a low battery indicator icon on the right hand corner of the LCD screen to indicate when the batteries need to be recharged.
  • If the nursery unit is off but the parent unit left on, the parent unit will start beeping after one minute and then automatically switch off after several seconds to save on battery life.
  • A button on the top of the nursery unit will cause the parent unit to beep which is particularly useful if you have mislaid it or need to locate it quickly.

In our opinion this is an excellent and reasonably priced monitor, with great reception and very accurate detection of even your baby’s slightest movements to give you piece of mind during the day and night. The many useful features allow you to cater effectively for all your own and your baby’s needs, and these can be controlled quickly and easily via the parent unit so that you need never disturb your child.

BAD POINTS: The ‘tic’ option may annoy if you are a light sleeper, added to which a newborn baby’s breathing can be fairly irregular, and monitoring it via the ‘tic’ option may cause you undue concern - this option can however be de-activated very simply using the menu. The monitor can ‘false alarm’ if your baby is fairly small when you transfer them into a cot, as they can roll of the alarm and not have the weight to keep the monitor activated.

PRICE: Approx. £75


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