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Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

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PRODUCT: Angelcare AC201 Movement and Sound MonitorAngelcare Movement and Sound Monitor (

DESCRIPTION: A baby safety system which is compatible with all cot mattresses, and combines a sound monitor and a baby movement monitor in the same system. The baby monitor consists of a sensor pad and cable, a parent unit, a nursery unit, two 9v Ac adapters and an instruction guide. The nursery and parent units take four AAA batteries each.

ASSEMBLY: The instruction booklet is very detailed for all aspects of the monitor. The sensor pad should be placed underneath the mattress in the centre of the cot, with the cable running under the cot and plugged into the nursery unit. The AC adapter is run from the nursery unit to a plug socket. The unit can then be switched on using the appropriate channel (choice of A or B). If you are in another room then the parent unit Angelcare nursery unitwill need to be plugged in and switched on too. The alarm will sound on both monitors after 20 seconds of no movement.

GOOD POINTS: The Angelcare monitor covers a good range of up to 60 meters, and the sensor pad very accurately detects even your baby’s slightest movements, regardless of whether they are awake or sleeping.

The monitor not only gives you piece of mind during your baby’s daytime naps, but also provides reassurance for you to have a good night’s sleep.

The nursery unit has three useful settings depending on your needs – sound and movement (where the monitor will flash green every time the baby moves), sound only (which does not monitor the child’s heatbeat), and a ‘tic’ option (where the monitor will flash and make a tick noise every time the baby moves).

BAD POINTS: It is firstly important to check that the parent and nursery units are switched onto the same channel, and they have been known to pick up other babies in neighbouring houses! The monitor is prone to interference (i.e. a background buzzingAngelcare parent unit noise) which gets worse over time, and particularly with anything electrical near it. The ‘tic’ option may annoy if you are a light sleeper, added to which a newborn baby’s breathing can be fairly irregular, and monitoring it via the ‘tic’ option may cause you undue concern. The monitor can ‘false alarm’ if your baby is fairly small when you transfer them into a cot, as they can roll of the alarm and not have the weight to keep the monitor activated.

OTHER: This is the older version of the monitor. The newer Angelcare AC401 Analogue Movement and Sound Monitor has eight channels to avoid interference, full colour digital LCD display, portable and rechargeable parent unit, temperature indicator on parent unit, vibration alarm, and nightlight halo on nursery unit.

PRICE: The newer AC401 version is approx. £75 

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