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Safety 1st High Clarity Digital Video Monitor

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PRODUCT: Safety 1st High Clarity Digital Video Monitor ( 1st High Clarity Digital Video Monitor

DESCRIPTION: A digital video monitor incorporating wireless technology to provide a secure fibre connection for viewing and hearing your child in their cot. Includes a portable Parent Unit (receiver) with colour LCD screen, a camera (transmitter), 3 x AAA rechargeable batteries (for Parent Unit), 2 x AC adaptors, a belt clip (for Parent Unit), and instructions manual.

ASSEMBLY: The baby monitor is very easy to set up and the camera can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface, ideally 1.5-2m (4-6') away from your child. If you wish to attach the camera to the wall, your will need wall plugs, screws and a screwdriver (not included). The instructions manual gives you easy-to-follow guidance on how to do this.The Parent Unit must be placed in the same room as you, and at least 6m (20') away from the camera to avoid feedback. Both the Parent Unit and camera come with AC adapters for connecting to plug sockets. The Parent Unit comes with a set of rechargeable batteries which must be placed into the back of the unit upon purchase, and the unit must be fully charged before using for the first time. The camera also comes with a battery compartment to hold three standard batteries, which works as a back-up in case of a power failure.

GOOD POINTS: The Safety 1st Video Monitor is a great piece of technology which enables you to not only hear your baby's movements during the night and other nap times, but also see them via a video camera. The camera is easy to set up as stated above, and rotates on its base to allow you to position it irrespective of room shape or layout!

The transmitter itself has a microphone on the side, and a camera lens and on/off button on the front. The Parent Unit is a compact unit designed to be portable once it is charged up (using the adaptor). It comes with a handy detachable belt clip which means that you can carry on with your daily tasks whilst keeping an eye on your baby at all times.

The unit has several nice features. Firstly, the 'Mode' button can be used to remotely zoom the camera in or out, as well as panning round. The same button also controls a number of menu functions, including a time out option, whereby the screen shuts down automatically after a selected number of seconds to save battery life, an auto level option, whereby the Parent Unit only alerts you to sounds above a pre-set level, an infrared night vision option, which changes to black and white to enable you to see your baby even if the nursery is dark, and a device option which enables you to link to additional cameras if used. An additional 'View' button enables you to turn the camera on and off while still being able to hear your baby's sounds.

This baby safety system has an excellent quality sound with a long range (up to 190m), and a secure private connection allows for brilliant connection quality, preventing interference from WiFi networks. It also incorporates the latest technology to ensure a really clear video picture. In addition, the system automatically selects the best channel in order to maintain uninterupted sound and picture quality. It will also alert you via lights and sounds if batteries are low or if connection between the units is lost.

The Safety 1st Video Monitor really does provide excellent piece of mind through being able to see as well as hear your baby's sounds and movements, and its great design features enable you to program it to suit all your needs.

BAD POINTS: The monitor is expensive, but does provide extra piece of mind. Batteries are not included for the camera and must be purchased separately. During testing, the monitor interfered with wireless connections when placed too close to the computer.

PRICE: Approx. £150 

Available from Amazon: Digital video monitors

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