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Paul Lamond Games Chimp and Zee Pesky Pirates Game

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PRODUCT: Paul Lamond Games Chimp and Zee Pesky Pirates Game ( )Paul Lamond Games Pesky Pirates

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player board game with a pirate theme, where players must try and fill their pirate chests with the most treasure. Contains 4 x treasure chests, 36 x gold coins, 4 x pesky pirate playing pieces, 1 x parrot playing piece, 1 x Jolly Roger pirate playing piece, 5 x plastic bases, 1 x desert island game board, 1 x spinner, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 3-5 years.

GOOD POINTS: Pesky Pirates is a fantastically fun and exciting game from the Paul Lamond Games 'Chimp and Zee' range, with a brilliantly simple yet educational concept that is perfectly suited to preschool children and budding pirates!

The game is presented in a decent quality cardboard storage box, with stimulating colour illustrations, glittery writing, and a sturdy rope carry handle complete with bonus decorative parrot. Inside you will find a sturdy jigged game board - four pieces in total, which your child can have fun piecing together - with a beautifully illustrated and detailed desert island design and a winding path of spaces around the board. 

The game also includes some delightful glossy card treasure chests, each with an opening lid and a different coloured octopus design, a game spinner in the shape of a ship's wheel, a bag of thirty-six plastic 'gold' coins, and six good sized character playing pieces. These include four 'pesky' pirates, a parrot and a skeleton, all with nicely detailed front and back designs and a touch of glitter - these playing pieces simply slot into small plastic bases which enable them to stand upright.

Paul Lamond Games Pesky PiratesPesky Pirates is designed for up to four players, and the accompanying 'rules' leaflet clearly guides you through set-up and play. Prior to play a gold coin must be placed on each of the playing spaces around the island (except for the four footprint spaces), with all remaining coins placed in a pile in the middle of the board, and either the parrot or skeleton playing piece positioned next to it (as chosen by the players). Each player must then choose a treasure chest which they place on their designated 'x' spot on the board, as well as a pirate playing piece which they stand on their footprint space in front of them. 

To play, the players take turns to spin the spinner; if they spin a number they move their playing piece the equivalent amount of spaces around the board, and if they land on a gold coin they can collect it and place it in their treasure chest. If the spinner lands on the gold coin symbol, the player can take a coin from the central pile to add to their collection and then spin again. If, however, the spinner lands on the parrot/skeleton, that player can place the parrot/skeleton playing piece in front of another player's treasure chest, at which point that player must return one of his coins to the central pile. Once all the coins have been collected, the winner is declared as the player with the most gold coins in their treasure chest!

Not only is this game very simple for young children to help set up, but it is also very easy for them to play and understand. The game is designed to last approximately ten minutes which is ideally suited to a young child's limited attention span, and the interactive and brightly coloured game accessories will certainly help to keep them engaged throughout. In addition, the game has some great educational benefits through stimulating plenty of communication, social interaction and turn-taking, and also encouraging basic number and counting skills in terms of both moves round the board and totting up their gold booty at the end! 

BAD POINTS: The treasure chests are made from card which will not necessarily withstand a lot of rough handling by young children.

PRICE: Approx. £12.95


Available from Amazon: Chimp And Zee Pesky Pirates Gamealt


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