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Uki DVD - Volume 1

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PRODUCT: Uki DVD - Volume 1 ( DVD

DESCRIPTION: A DVD of the Uki television series (as seen on CBeebies), aimed at toddlers and preschoolers aged 2-4 years. Contains 11 episodes with a runtime of approx. 56 mins.

The DVD contains the following episodes:
1. Where's The Cake?
2. The Balloon
3. Dirty!
4. Turtle In Trouble
5. Where's The Ball?
6. Duck Is Tired
7. The Kite
8. The Slide
9. Happy Flower
10. Rabbit Wants To Fly
11. The Painting (bonus episode)

GOOD POINTS: Now available on DVD, Uki is the latest children's television series to hit our screens, and is likely to be a massive hit among young preschoolers.

Currently showing as part of the 'Show Me Show Me' programme on the CBeebies channel, the series is about a cute and curious yellow creature called Uki who has lots of fun and adventures with his friends Rabbit, Hedgehog, Turtle, Squirrel and Duck.

The DVD contains ten episodes (plus a bonus episode), each of which focuses on a simple easy-to-follow storyline revolving around Uki and his friends that children will easily understand and enjoy, including finding a cake, getting messy, and helping Rabbit to fly! The animation has a wonderfully fun 'rounded' appeal, with soft colourful surroundings, oversized objects, and friendly playful characters.

The episodes are fairly short in length which is ideal for holding a young child's attention, and each episode is structured in an identical way which encourages familiarity that children can identify with and respond to. There is a clear beginning, middle and end to each programme, starting with Uki waking up in his sunflower bed, then completing a fun task (such as a picture puzzle, shape sorting, or playing pairs), followed by an 'adventure' with his friends (watched over by his Sun, Moon and Cloud 'guardians'), then retrieving some memorabilia of the day from his favourite tree trunk, and finishing with Uki snuggling up in bed as night falls (complete with a built-in nightlight on his head!).

Another great feature of the programme is that there is not a single word uttered throughout. In other words, there is no speech or made-up language, just soft music, actions and plenty of expression to interact with the viewer and make clear what the story is about! This is not only great for stimulating children's imagination, thinking and communication, but also makes the programme universally appealing.

In our opinion, this is a really great animated series for young children that is fun, fresh and perfect for creating a little bit of calm in an otherwise hectic toddler world!

Please also note that there is now an Uki iPhone app available, to enable parents with little Uki fans to access lots of educational Uki fun and games while they're on the go!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £9.99


Available from Amazon: Uki Volume 1 [DVD]


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