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Philips Avent Milk Powder Dispenser

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PRODUCT: Philips Avent Milk Powder Dispenser ( Milk Powder Dispenser

DESCRIPTION: A blue plastic dispenser pot with a removable inner section divided into three compartments to hold three pre-measured quantities of baby milk powder. Includes removable lid with sealable spout.

GOOD POINTS: The dispenser is a product designed to make feeding your hungry baby a quick and easy process wherever you are, and has an inner section with three compartments to allow you to pre-prepare your child's milk formula for feeds throughout the day. Each compartment can hold up to 8oz of milk formula.

The lid fits securely and tightly, and prevents the milk powder from spilling from one compartment into another, and also from leaking into your bag. A handy and effective sealable spout can be used to pour the milk powder into bottles of pre-boiled water as required.Avent Power Dispenser

The inner section can be removed to allow the pot to be used as a bowl or container. The dispenser is safe to put in the steriliser, microwave, and dishwasher.

The Avent Milk Depenser is ideal for taking out and about with your baby, or for night feeds, as it allows you to make up bottles easily and quickly as you need them.

BAD POINTS: The dispenser is difficult to fault. It cannot be used straight out of the steriliser as it needs time to dry off before putting the milk powder in - can be wiped dry but is then no longer sterile!

PRICE: Approx. £5.50 

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