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Clinica Tissue Oil

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PRODUCT: Clinica Tissue Oil ( logo

DESCRIPTION: A bottle of body oil to soothe, nourish and firm skin, for use on dry, damaged and ageing skin, blemishedClinica Tissue Oil skin, scars and stretch marks. Available in 60ml and 200ml bottles.

GOOD POINTS: The Clinica Tissue Oil is a specially formulated cosmetic product which is designed to effectively relieve a number of skin complaints and conditions.

The Tissue Oil contains a blend of natural oils, including Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose and Coconut.

Massaging the oil regularly into the skin using a slow circular rubbing technique allows it to soothe, moisturise and return elasticity to skin as well as nourish nails. This makes it ideal for applying to ageing or wrinkled skin, blemished skin, dry and dehydrated skin, sun exposed skin, and scar tissue.

In addition, the oil is great for use by pregnant women to treat and prevent the formation of stretch marks, and makes a great massage oil simply for relieving aches and pains during and after pregnancy.

As well as being directly applied, the oil can also be used as a bath oil (simply added to water) to enable you to soak and soothe larger affected areas of skin, and is gentle enough to apply to children and adults alike.

The oil comes in a squeezy plastic bottle for easy application (recommended for use on the affected areas twice a day), and is orangy in colour, with a pleasant aroma. It has a surprisingly non-greasy consistency and does not appear to stain despite its bright appearance. 

In our opinion, the Tissue Oil is a versatile and pleasant smelling 'treatment' for use on a good number of skin-related complaints. It is incredibly easy to apply without leaving a greasy residue on the skin, and makes a great gift particularly for mums-to-be. Note that we cannot comment at this stage on any long term results or outcomes of using the oil.

BAD POINTS: None that we could find during the time of testing.

PRICE: 60ml bottle £5.40; 200ml bottle £10.80

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