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Clinica Vitamin E Cream 100g

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PRODUCT: Clinica Vitamin E Cream 100g ( logo

DESCRIPTION: A 100g tube of unfragranced hypo-allergic moisturising formulation containing Vitamin E for applying on the body to dry, damaged andClinica Vitamin E Cream ageing skin, scars and stretch marks. Also B5 and Evening Primrose enriched.

GOOD POINTS: The Vitamin E Cream by Clinica makes a very reasonably priced addition to your bathroom cabinet, and is an effective moisturising cream for use by all ages on a number of skin-related conditions. 

One of the main ingredients of the body cream is Vitamin E which has known benefits for repairing damaged skin and enhancing elasticity of skin. It is therefore an ideal cream for use on dry skin, sun damaged skin, ageing skin, wrinkles, and scars, as well as making a great maternity cosmetic for applying to stretch marks caused by pregnancy. In addition to this, Vitamin E also acts as a potent natural anti-oxidant, so using the cream regularly will apparently also give your skin protection from free radical 'pollution' damage!

The cream is a good thick, smooth consistency and is easy to apply to the affected areas (it is recommended that two to three applications should be made per day), rubbing in quickly and easily without leaving a greasy residue.

This is, in our opinion, an affordable cream which (as far as we could test) is effective to use on targeted skin complaints and leaves the skin feeling soft and improved...we even found it gentle enough to use on young children too! Note that we cannot comment at this stage on any long term results or outcomes of using the cream.

BAD POINTS: Disappointingly, the cream does not have any aroma.


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