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Theraline Caesarean Belt

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PRODUCT: Theraline Caesarean Belt ( Caesarean Belt

DESCRIPTION: A postnatal support for mum which is designed to protect and soothe in the weeks following a caesarean, with buttonhole closing system to fit sizes 28 to 44 inches. Includes fabric belt, protective shield, polyfibre pillow, cherry stone pillow, cold-warm compress and instructions.

GOOD POINTS: The patent pending Theraline Caesarean Belt is a wonderfully innovative and useful product which has been designed primarily to aid new mums who have recently undergone a caesarean. While the C-Section is a fairly common and low-risk operation, there is still a substantial recovery period following the surgery, for which the Caesarean Belt may provide some comfort and support.

This machine-washable belt can be worn either over or under normal clothing, and consists of a soft stretchy fabric pouch, made from a cotton/lycra mix, which sits over the caesarean scar. Two wide integrated straps fasten the belt around the abdomen via an easy-to-use buttonhole closing system which is similar to Theraline Caesarian Beltfastening a trouser button, with five hole fastenings to fit body sizes 28 to 44 inches. These straps have elasticated sections to allow the belt to stretch and flex with everyday movements such as bending down and sitting. In addition, tightening the belt by 2-3 buttonholes creates a gentle support to mum's abdomen wall, which may feel overstretched following a second or third pregnancy.

An additional great feature of the belt are its four accompanying inserts, all offering different functions and benefits, which can be slipped individually or in combination into the front pouch (via the opening on the top).

The first insert is a lightweight 6.5" x 4" plastic shield. This 'shell' enables mum to continue bonding with baby by protecting the incision against the impact from infant kicking whilst being held, carried or nursed, and also guards against rubbing from seat belts, accidental bangs and knocks to the scar during everyday activities or whilst playing with boisterous older siblings.

The second insert is a cherry stone pillow, which is a unique little pillow (containing cherry pits inside a cotton cover) that either be warmed up in a microwave or cooled down in a freezer to soothe and relax mum during any uncomfortable uterine contractions they may feel following a caesarean. This particular insert is also great for targeted relief from minor menstrual and back pains (e.g. during pregnancy), as well as children's tummy aches. It can even be used to warm baby's feet!

The cold-warm compress is a bendy gel pack that can be put in the freezer and used to cool and soothe swelling, pain or itching around the caesarean wound, or alternatively the pack can be warmed by placing in a bowl or saucepan of heated water (not to be warmed in the microwave!).

The final insert is a polyester fibre pillow which fits perfectly and snuggly into the pouch to provide superb comfort and also protect the scar against rubbing and chaffing undergarments or trousers. The pillow can be used on its own, or in combination with any of the other inserts; used with the shield it offers maximum comfort and protection against kicks and knocks; its insulating properties work efficiently to prolong the effects of the cherry stone pillow, as well as moderate the effects of the cold-warm compress.

The Theraline Caesarean Belt is, in our opinion, a well designed and innovative product that has a lot to offer women who have undergone a C-Section. Its versatile design and clever mix-and-match inserts provide many benefits to women both during and following pregnancy. It is reasonably priced for what is included and makes a great gift.

BAD POINTS: The cold-warm compress does not stay warm for very long, and has to be reheated in hot water as it cannot be put directly in a microwave.

PRICE: Approx. £20


Available from Theraline, Amazon, Boots and Mothercare


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