Press Release: There’s still a place for traditional toys and family time at Christmas!

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Do you remember the good old days, when the whole family would spend Christmas afternoon playing games together? When grandparents would sit with a toddler on their knees, and Mum could relax after hours in the kitchen? Before the days when children would play alone with an electronic toy?


Traditional board games have stood the test of time because they give the whole family the opportunity to play together. Games such as ‘Snakes and Ladders’, ‘Ludo’ and ‘Bingo’ have always been popular because they are simple but fun.


Orchard Toys’ fun learning games are perfect for the whole family to play at Christmas. Traditional favourites include ‘Pirate Snakes and Ladders & Ludo’, a swashbuckling, two-in-one version of the old favourites, and ‘Monster Bingo’, which involves filling your board with crazy monsters by matching shapes and colours instead of numbers. And for those who like to be in the spotlight, What a Performance!’ is a hilarious board game which involves lots of actions and funny noises – or there are forfeits to be paid! All these games would make great presents for any child and their family.


Orchard Toys British-made games are colourful, sturdy and educational, and families will be enjoying these great value-for-money games long after Christmas is over! So if you’re looking for an inexpensive game that will be popular with all ages, pick one of the Orchard Toys family favourites!



Pirate Snakes and Ladders: £9.50


Monster Bingo: £9.50


What A Performance!: £15.95



Press Release: Peppa Pig at Selfridges Ice Rink!

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Peppa Pig imageOn Sunday December 8, children’s favourite Peppa Pig will be visiting the all-new covered Selfridges Ice Rink, Trafford Centre, Manchester.

The rink, which holds 120 skaters, is truly a winter wonderland.  Glass walls are lined with garlands studded with twinkly lights and bespoke rose gold baubles with one wall featuring a silver birch forest. The luxury rink is completed with 42 stunning glitter balls for a unique skating experience. 

Visitors to the rink on Sunday December 8 will have the chance to see Peppa Pig at intervals between 11am – 4pm, a great opportunity for pictures in between taking a spin on the ice.  Cute seal shaped skate aids are also available for little ones to enjoy.

Explained Jeff Johnson, General Manager of Selfridges Trafford Centre: “We believe our new ice rink offers a skating experience unmatched in the region from the quality of the boots to the bespoke interior and chill out areas. We even worked with an aroma company to create a unique Selfridges Christmas scent for the ice rink.”

Skaters are invited to cosy up in the UGG rink-side lounge, with its giant sheepskin chairs and relaxation area. Selfridges ice rink also features a Krispy Kreme concession stocking exclusive seasonal treats and warming winter drinks.

Added Jeff: “Selfridges ice rink is the perfect day out for the family or a romantic festive date with a difference. And because it is covered it also means the weather can’t spoil the fun – it’s the best place to skate in the North West!”

The all-new covered ice rink is complete with Christmas music and trained ice marshals who will be on hand with skating tips, making it an unabashedly festive day out.

The Selfridges Ice Rink, in association with UGG, is open until January 5, 2014. Adult skating from £7 off peak and £9 peak, children and concessions from £5 off peak and £7 peak. Parking at Trafford Centre is free.

See website for opening times, booking and directions:
 or call 0161 629 1306.

Book ahead at:




Press Releae: What do kids really think of their Dads?

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LEGO logoHero, hard-working, good driver, embarrassing?


As the first major LEGO campaign hits TV screens for the pre-Christmas advertising season, LEGO has surveyed dads and kids to find out what kids really think of their dads and how dads really want to spend that precious downtime with family.  


When it comes to play, there is a huge choice of activities and games that are available to children today, that weren’t available for dads when they were kids. Despite this, the top favourite dad/child play time is football, board games and LEGO, real interactive play is still clearly a winner.  Interestingly, 95% of Dads play the same things with their kids that they played with their own fathers so there is a sense of traditional play passing through the generations.  For 72% of Dads, play is the way of spending great quality time together, whilst getting to play and be a kid themselves!


So, what do kids think of Dads today?  Well whilst 65% of kids says he can be embarrassing with his dad dancing, bad jokes and too much of that public display of affection stuff, 90% also say he is their hero!  Still, Dads of today sympathise with this plight as they also have childhood memories of their Dad having the embarrassment factor.  However 58% of today’s dads admit to deliberately trying to embarrass their children.


Children were also asked what makes them proud of their Dad.  A quarter say it’s how he looks after the family and a fifth that he works really hard to give the family a good life – so it’s clear Dads of today are installing good family values.  A surprise is that driving is clearly important to the kids, 60% say he’s great at driving the car which is good news for road safety!


*Survey carried out by Opinion Matters in October 2013 on behalf of LEGO.



Press Release: The NEW Addition to the B Kids Bedtime collection Starry Night Dream Station has arrived!

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We all dream of a peaceful night’s sleep for our little one and the B Kids Starry Night Dream station is the perfect bedtime accessory for your baby.  This B Kids Starry Night Dream Show Productadorable dream station is a unique night light.  It is specially designed to help your baby sleep peacefully at night.  The Starry Night Dream station helps develop your baby’s health by gently putting them to sleep; keeping them asleep and then gently waking them.  This features a soothing light display, soft melody maker and projector.  So easy to use and set up.  Just put by the side of the cot or bed and this will gently soothe you baby to sleep.  A magical night light for any baby. 


The Starry Night Dream station comes complete with - Photo sensor activated night lamp - soothing projector lamp - 6 melodies - 6 natural sounds and power adapter included.



B kids Starry Night Dream station is now available online , online to find local stockist.


The B Kids Starry Night Dream Station – Price £29.99 available online  or click online to find local stockist



Press Release: Happy Christmas from Petite Star!

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Petite Star’s car walker is the perfect present for your baby that will be played with for years to come. Petite Star Car Walker


The 3 in 1 car walker grows and evolves with your child helping stimulate their senses and develop co-ordination and mobility but best of all it’s lots of fun!


STEP 1: It’s an interactive bouncer with sounds, lights and a step on music bar plus three heights for your growing child.


STEP 2: It’s a brilliant walker, allowing your child to be mobile when they’re just starting to use their legs but not ready for walking yet.


STEP 3: Remove the seat and it’s a brilliant push-a-long car with a working dashboard and wheel with lights and sounds 


Lots of fun for your baby but there’s peace of mind for you too with speed-restricted wheels and safety grips, and a volume control (with off switch!) for the music.


Fantastic value for money too so it won’t break the Christmas bank…

RRP 69.98 exclusively from


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