Press Release: New Petite Star Zia4

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What to choose when the credit’s crunching….


 Petite Star Zia4

Zia4 has taken the travel system market by storm in the same way that the Zia won over the hearts of thousands of mums who need an easy to use lightweight buggy.   


Taking the lightweight contemporary design of the Zia with its no nonsense fold and comfy reclining seat, Petite Star’s Zia4 comes with a cosy group 0+ aluminium handle car seat and a super snug cocoon for those first few months when you want your newborn protected from the elements and facing you.


Super light, easy to fold and so compact when folded, both the cocoon and the car seat lock simply onto the stroller as and when you need them.  And when you don’t, Zia4 is a great looking, fantastically light and easy to manoeuvre stroller that you won’t want to replace as your baby grows older.


Because it’s the UK, we’ve included a raincover and of course there’s a generous basket too.  

A matching black footmuff is available as an accessory.  


Zia4 is suitable from birth to around 3 years and comes in stunning Lime or Moonstone fabric

RRP £289.99 (stroller, car seat, cocoon & raincover)


Stockists: 01923 663 344 or


Press Release: Maclaren Mother's Day Gift

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The perfect Mother’s Day gift for any new mum     



 Maclaren begininning



Travel Bag for Mother & Baby from Maclaren


Maclaren knows a lot about Motherhood and believes that every mum deserves a bit of pampering…


Maclaren Travel bag

The Maclaren Beginning Travel Bag for Mother & Baby is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for new mums.   A range of organic based oils, balms and lotions blended from orange or lavender, Beginning has been created to promote the well-being of mum and baby through nurturing and connection from the very beginning.   


This handy wipe-clean travel bag for busy mums on-the-go comes complete with six travel size products for mum and baby:


For Mum: Connecting Massage Oil • Alleviating Leg Lotion • Balancing Facial Mist
For Baby: Absorbing Dusting powder • Comforting Room Mist • Protecting Nappy Change Balm
Inside there are handy pockets to keep each bottle upright.


The Beginning Travel Bag retails at £35 and is part of a natural, organic-based range of holistic personal care products for mum and baby. 


To see the full range or to buy Beginning products
go to the Maclaren Store at



Beginning Travel Bag for Mother & Baby Product Details:


Alleviating Leg Lotion
Alleviating Leg Lotion gives relief for tired swollen and heavy legs & feet during and after pregnancy (from second trimester).  Regenerative Rosehip oil is infused with a special blend of Orange, Mandarin and Patchouli to revive and refresh tired legs and feet.  Apply daily working from the feet upwards. 

Balancing Facial Mist          
Awaken your body and mind with a special blend of 100% pure essential oils, including Orange to refresh, Geranium to restore emotional balance, and Mandarin to uplift the spirit.   Use your facial mist at any time during the day to hydrate your skin and balance your emotions. Hold the bottle several inches away from your face, spritz and inhale the benefits of the aromatherapy blend. Use both during pregnancy and in the delivery room where the positive memory association triggered by the aromatherapy will have a calming and balancing effect. 

Connecting Massage Oil      
Certified organic.  Rosehip, is combined with Orange oil for joy, while the calming influence of Lavender and the nurturing quality of Neroli help promote a loving bond with your baby. Pour a small amount of oil into your palms and rub hands together to warm the liquid.  Smooth over your entire body, paying particular attention to your belly. Deeply inhale the uplifting and calming scent. 

Absorbing Dusting Powder
Certified organic.  Contains natural mineral and plant ingredients to prevent irritation and absorb moisture. Soothing Lavender and antiseptic Tea Tree essential oils are blended with organic Cornstarch and Kaolin, the perfect absorbents for areas that are frequently moist, such as the folds of baby’s skin.  At each nappy change, lightly sprinkle the dusting powder to absorb moisture before applying the nappy change balm.  

Protecting Nappy Change Balm                
Natural source of Aloe, Shea and Cocoa butter infused with soothing Lavender and calming German Chamomile nourish and protect baby’s delicate skin.  Smooth a fine layer of cream over baby’s clean skin, at each nappy change. Apply a slightly thicker layer to assist in soothing and preventing skin irritation, especially at night when exposure to wetness is prolonged. 

Comforting Room Mist        
This aromatherapy room mist infuses the air with the calming influence of Lavender, the soothing aroma of Chamomile and the light-heartedness of Mandarin.  From the earliest age, aroma is anchored in memory, triggering an emotional response to the sense of smell. Use this room mist to create a comforting memory for your baby.  Gently pump 2 or 3 bursts of the aromatherapy mist into the air. Use at home when baby is resting and safe. When away from home, use to comfort baby, creating a sense of familiarity and a connection to the safety of home. 




Press Release: New Maclaren Quest Mod Buggy

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Dust Off the Parka and

Step Out in Style with the

NEW Quest Mod

In these cash-conscious times, you may well sell the Lambretta, but keep the Mod mood alive with the Maclaren’s stylish, new Quest Mod.


Maclaren Quest Mod Buggy


With its Andy Warhol-inspired Big Apple motif, the Quest Mod comes in Black/Pea Green, oh-so-girly Coffee/Powder Pink/Raspberry Sunshine or cool Charcoal/Sky Blue/Flame Orange.


The award-winning Quest is a favourite with parents worldwide and comes with a recession-proof Sovereign Lifetime Warranty™, the first and only global lifetime warranty.


Weighing just 5.5 kg, the Quest Mod is suitable for children from 3 months, has a comfy padded reclining seat with 4 positions, a 5-second one-hand fold and a hood with UV protective viewing window (plus reflective accents for night time safety). 


Like all Maclaren Buggys, the Quest Mod has the compact umbrella-fold design and an angled A-frame that makes walking baby easy on your body and kind to your back, as well as ergonomically optimised foam handles so you and baby can travel in comfort and style.


There is a carry strap for easy portability, an extendable leg rest for tired legs, and a raincover too, and remember…this is one buggy that really will last a lifetime


Maclaren Quest Mod retails at £150

Available in shops from JANUARY 2009

Maclaren stockists details:  call 01327 841 310 or visit



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