Press Release: Customised Christmas with Dunelm Mill

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Make your house look beautiful this Christmas and still have plenty of spare change for other special extras by making your very own festiveDunelm Mill Christmas Stocking stockings. With the huge haberdashery selection at Dunelm Mill all at Simply Value for Money, follow the simple Stocking How To and create your very own personalised stocking, a great activity for rainy days to keep little ones entertained!

What you will need: Craft Factory Acrylic Glitter Felt, Needle, embroidery thread, Fabric glue, Embellishments – selection of buttons, beads, bells etc. all at Dunelm Mill



  1. Cut your red/white felt into two stockings with pinking shears, approx. 40 cm (top to heel)
  2. Cut out a square piece of felt the same length of the top of your stocking in a contrasting colour then lay it on top of one of the stockings and attach by using a simple running stitch, 1cm in from the edge, in red or white thread.
  3. Decorate the tops of the stocking by sewing/gluing on a selection of different embellishments to personalise
  4. Join your stocking by stitching both pieces together, finishing off by sewing on some ribbon for hanging.Bottom of Form

Have a look in-store or online at for decorating inspiration.



Press Release: Turtle Power to hit Hamleys!

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Fans of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in London get ready to celebrate as Turtle power is sweeping into the Capital with an exclusive event at Hamleys toy store on the 24th November - and it’s going to be epic!

Hot on the heels of the hit new Nickelodeon TV series, the ultimate green team is all set to descend back on the London toy scene and the foursome have chosen Hamleys to hold an exclusive early launch event to mark their big comeback.

Promising to be an epic extravaganza, on Saturday 24th November Hamleys will be going turtle-tastic with a sewer-duper event dedicated to the four ninjas. For those who simply can’t wait to get a pizza the action, Hamleys are opening an exclusive area of the store from 8.00am serving eager early birds with turtlely-tasty breakfast pizza and lean, green, mean Shaketastic milkshakes, also fun face-painting inside the store with free bandanas and key rings to get everyone in the Turtle spirit. The doors to the rest of store will be flung open at 9.30am to excited fans looking to get their hands on the toys before anyone else and there will be competitions and giveaways throughout the day which are guaranteed to shell-shock around the clock.

In addition to early access to the new toys, turtle-fanatics will also be shell-shocked to find out that they will be able to snap-up an exclusive Night Shadow Leonardo action figure, which is hitting the shelves for one morning only.  Following the exclusive special event, the new Turtles toy collection will launch nationwide on 1 December, just in time for Christmas.

Making for the ultimate boys toy, the comprehensive Teenage Mutant Ninja toy collection comprises all of the most popular Turtle action figures and showcases a level of detail never seen before; each turtle comes with its own ninja butt-kicking weapon. Plus, with an array of venomous villains to choose from, along with vehicles, playsets and role play, fans will be able to immerse themselves in the warrior world of the brave brotherhood of four.

Keane Herman store manager of Hamleys in London comments: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be hosting an exclusive London event to launch the Turtles toy range on Saturday 24th November and we foresee the fantastic collection being a huge seller for us this Christmas. We’re incredibly excited and would like to see as many fans as possible Turtle-up as their favourite ninja and join in the fun while taking advantage of being able to buy the toys early. An exclusive area of Hamleys will be open from 8am to get fans immersed into everything Turtles. Doors will then open at 9.30am and we expect lots of people to join the queue much earlier in a bid to get their hands on the exclusive Leo figure - quantities are very limited so we’d advise everybody to arrive early to avoid disappointment!

Join in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy launch on Saturday 24th November at Hamleys, London.

For more information contact Hamleys store on 0871 704 1977.



Press Release: Launch of Premiership Pillow Pets!

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Pillow Pets logo

Make All Your Football Dreams Come True with the New Official Premier League Football Mascot Pillow Pets


With the football season in full swing and Christmas on the horizon, football fans young and old will be thrilled to hear that Mookie, the makers of the original Pillow Pets, has just launched a new range of official Premier league Mascot Pillow Pets!  Featuring the mascots from three of the biggest teams in the Premiership – Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham - these will top Christmas lists around the UK.

The limited edition premium plush Pillow Pets are now available in stores this autumn. 

Pillow Pet mascots are a great way to show support of your favourite team and they will complement any footie fans’ bedroom. 

The Premier League Mascot Pillow range includes:Pillow Pets


Tottenham – Chirpy Cockerel

RRP £24.99

Stockists: Official Tottenham Store,  &



Arsenal - Gunnersaurus RexPillow Pets

RRP £24.99

Stockists: Official Arsenal Store, &



Chelsea – Stamford the Lion

RRRP £24.99
Pillow Pets

Stockists: Official Chelsea Store, &


We hope your chosen Premier league Mascot Pillow Pets makes all your football dreams come true this season! 


The original Pillow Pets™, the premium plush toys made of ultra-soft chenille, have become a coveted toy. The high quality stitching and attention to detail in the design make for a more superior offering.  These cuddly animals have a clever twist - when unfolded for use as a pillow, it is genuinely soft and supportive for children’s heads whether used when lying down or for travelling making it the ideal travel pal, naptime buddy and all-around cuddly friend.



Press Release: Eczema hot spots in your home!

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Eczema can have a devastating effect on family life and affects 1 in 5 children in the UK. ‘Atopic’ is the most common form, occurring in people who are prone to allergies and research suggests that environmental factors play a big part. In fact there are at least 16 hot spots in your house that can aggravate eczema.


The hot spots are highlighted in a diagram that is available on , a new support programme from E45 and the National Eczema Society which includes advice on triggers to avoid, such as soap and baby wipes, and advice to keep common triggers at bay including dust mites. The support programme hopes to help educate parents to manage their child’s eczema more effectively and comes after research by the NES and E45 highlighted that a quarter of mums say that managing their child’s eczema makes them feel helpless with 50% admitting that they would like more support.


The free online resource includes the following benefit and since starting the programme, 9 out of 10 parents saying that they feel more in control of their child’s eczema and 80% have recorded an improvement in their child’s eczema symptoms.


- Personal telephone guidance from a specialist dermatology nurse from the National Eczema Society

- Video advice from a dermatology nurse on how to effectively apply emollients

- Emollient application reminders

- Children’s symptom tracker to help you with your child’s eczema management

Please click here to go to a link to a diagram which highlights the hot spots in the home that can aggravate eczema.


Press Release: Indoor Allergy Week - It's not something to sneeze at!

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As winter sets in and we spend more time indoors, it is important to make sure we are as allergy-free as possible. National Indoor Allergy Week Inddor Allergy Weektakes place from 12-18 November 2012 and aims to highlight the things we can do to avoid household triggers to various allergies.

Did you know the average family of four sheds up to 3lbs of skin per year? Most of this ends up trapped in the carpet fibres along with food debris, pollen, dust mite droppings and all the other nasties that vacuuming alone can never remove.

A recent survey by Rug Doctor has revealed that despite a carpet’s high exposure to dirt and germs, more than four in ten (44%) allergy sufferers have never deep cleaned their carpets and a third (33%) vacuum only once a week, which is dramatically less when compared to other flooring areas - 20% clean their kitchen floor up to four times a week, 44% clean the bathroom floor once a week.

It also revealed that only 26% of allergy sufferers remove their shoes when entering a home and more than half (52%) never ask guests to remove their footwear. 

Allergies can strike anywhere, and are becoming increasingly common in the UK, with 1 in 4 people suffering at some point in their lives. Here are some tips to make sure your home remains an allergen-free sanctuary.

1)   Get the HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner out

One particular pest is the house dust mite, which can affect air quality indoors and cause side effects such as congestion, shortness of breath, itchy eyes, poor sleeping and headaches.  So, get your HEPA filter fitted vacuum out to clean the surface allergen laden dust! The HEPA filter traps the fine particles in the dust which trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

2)   Avoid your trigger

The simplest and sometimes most difficult way to control an allergy is to avoid the thing you are allergic to – your trigger.  However, some things are hard to avoid like pollen and dust mite droppings but you can try to prevent it by specifically targeting them and keeping everything spotlessly clean. 

3)   Deep clean those carpets

Our carpets act like filters, trapping large amounts of allergens, including pollen, pet hair, flakes of shed skin, mould and dust mite droppings.  While vacuum cleaning with a HEPA filter equipped machine is useful in not recirculating allergens into the air, it can never remove them completely. The best solution is to deep clean your carpets at least a couple of times a year using a Rug Doctor. The Rug Doctor injects cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibres, then agitates each side of the pile to loosen the dirt and trapped allergens and then powerfully extracts the dirty solution leaving the carpet virtually dry.

It’s worth knowing that the Rug Doctor's upholstery attachment supplied as part of the machine rental can also be used on mattresses and fabric car interiors. 

Nothing refreshes a room more than a deep cleaned carpet, and renting a wet extraction carpet cleaner like the Rug Doctor can have your carpets looking, feeling and smelling as good as new in no time and at a fraction of the price of a professional carpet cleaner.

4)   Wash those sheets and duvets!

Clean bedding has fewer allergens in, so washing it regularly can also help you sleep. This is especially important if you are allergic to dust mite droppings - these tiny insects feed on shed skin in our mattresses, pillows, carpets and upholstery.

Allergens produced by the mite droppings are one of the most common causes of asthma attacks. Washing at higher temperatures and drying sheets in strong sunlight helps.

5)   Banish clutter

If your home is untidy, there are more places in which allergens can be trapped.  Tidying up can improve your allergies, but be careful – but if you disturb a lot of dust while you tidy, you might make things worse.  This is especially true in homes with hardwood floors. It might be a good idea to get a non-allergic family member to help.  Soft toys are a particular collector of dust, so store them in a cupboard box or just have one of them out at a time.





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