Press Release: Finally - a safer trampoline means a happier spring-time this year!




As Springtime edges closer, the relief of getting children back outdoors to play washes over most parents. But for those families with trampolines in their garden this inevitably comes with the regular bump,Capital Play in-ground trampoline bruise, scratch (or worse!) in their enthusiasm to get back onto that much loved piece of play equipment. Well, this now looks set to change with the launch, this Spring, of the innovative Capital In-Ground Trampoline Kit.

This novel-looking trampoline kit is designed to be sunk into your lawn and sits flush with the ground, meaning no more accidents falling off their trampoline or through a net that someone has forgotten to zip up!

The kit comes with everything parents need from the heavy-duty trampoline frame, jump mat, springs and safety pads to the retaining wall. And all of this has been designed for families to set aside a DIY day and install themselves, as the unique design means minimal soil disposal.

All elements of this rather natty-looking trampoline have been created to the highest specification meaning not only is it safer than a traditional trampoline, it’s also going to last longer. It even claims to offer a better bounce as well as eliminating “pad-slap” noise that can occur with in-ground trampolines.

Parents love not having to look out over a clunky eye-sore of a trampoline dominating their garden as the green design blends into the lawn. Whilst kids love the fact that they’re no longer constrained to a small trampoline enclosure. Instead they can use the full breadth of the garden when bouncing, giving light to a whole host of new trampolining-games.

So, parents can breathe a sigh of relief at the prospect of not being called to the garden every time their toddler wants a hand on and off the trampoline, and the fact that this trampoline is so easily accessible means parents can always step on and have a little bounce themselves...when the neighbours aren't looking of course!

Covers and trampoline enclosure are also available from Capital Play.

Video of Alan Titchmarsh installing a Capital Play in-ground trampoline hereYoutube

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RRP starts from: £775