Press Release: Apparantly you can be too thin...

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It appears that contrary to the saying 'one can never be too thin or too rich', apparently you can be too thin, at least when it comes to fertility. According to new research looking at BMI and pregnancy outcome in IVF women with a lower BMI (14-18) fare worse than women with a high BMI and who are considered obese (and incidentally are refused IVF treatment on the NHS). Emma Cannon says "My fertility colleague Michael Dooley and I have long sited this to be a problem and it is increasingly so with women we see in clinic. For a long time people have said the world is getting fatter but I would argue that at the same time it is getting thinner."

It also appears to be a great deal harder to convince women with low body fat that it can be an issue. Emma says 'When I talk to women with high body fat they are very receptive to the argument that losing a little weight can be very beneficial. Plus women with high body fat tend to find it easier to lose weight, pound for pound, than women with low body fat find it to gain weight. I wonder how much the 'mind' is involved in this and how much of this is to do with control. Some women with low body fat appear to have deeply held issues around control, being slim is an outward sign to the world as to how much control they have (at least over food). So my question is this; 'What's so good about control anyway?'

I love to see women become less controlling bring some spontaneity back into their lives. I think it is particularly true when struggling to conceive that the whole process can become very sterile and premeditated. Much of the stress I see in clinic is stress women are putting on themselves; to have a baby by a certain time, have number two at the same pace as your friends and neighbours, or to fit it in with our busy lives. I think this can create a great deal of tension in our bodies and in our minds. Clearly many cases of infertility have nothing to do with stress but there are a growing number of cases where stress appears to be the central issue. So my message is try and be more laid back, eat cake and be merry because even the research says it's good for your fertility".

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