Press Release: Cook up a treat with Easy Camp!

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With more campers enjoying the campfire atmosphere alongside the barbecue experience Easy Camp has introduced two practical products toEasy Camp Camp Fire Tripod Deluxe make the most of this traditional outdoor entertainment.

Joining its popular Bucket Grill that continues into 2014 is the Camp Fire Tripod (pictured) that provides the cooking capabilities that add a different dimension to sitting around the campfire. It comprises an easy-to-assemble steel tripod that creates a stable platform for the height-adjustable 44cm diameter grill that can be fine controlled above the flames for perfect food preparation.

The similar Camp Fire Tripod Deluxe has a heat-resistant paint finish and a larger 50cm grill diameter. It also includes a sturdy and stable fire tray for times when a site will only allow off-the-ground barbecues.

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