Press Release: Eczema hot spots in your home!

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Eczema can have a devastating effect on family life and affects 1 in 5 children in the UK. ‘Atopic’ is the most common form, occurring in people who are prone to allergies and research suggests that environmental factors play a big part. In fact there are at least 16 hot spots in your house that can aggravate eczema.


The hot spots are highlighted in a diagram that is available on , a new support programme from E45 and the National Eczema Society which includes advice on triggers to avoid, such as soap and baby wipes, and advice to keep common triggers at bay including dust mites. The support programme hopes to help educate parents to manage their child’s eczema more effectively and comes after research by the NES and E45 highlighted that a quarter of mums say that managing their child’s eczema makes them feel helpless with 50% admitting that they would like more support.


The free online resource includes the following benefit and since starting the programme, 9 out of 10 parents saying that they feel more in control of their child’s eczema and 80% have recorded an improvement in their child’s eczema symptoms.


- Personal telephone guidance from a specialist dermatology nurse from the National Eczema Society

- Video advice from a dermatology nurse on how to effectively apply emollients

- Emollient application reminders

- Children’s symptom tracker to help you with your child’s eczema management

Please click here to go to a link to a diagram which highlights the hot spots in the home that can aggravate eczema.