Press Release: Emma Cannon and Michael Dooley at the Fertility Show

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The Fertility Show


Emma Cannon and Michael Dooley join forces for the Fertility Show 4-5th November 2011 on Stand number 95!


Natural fertility expert, Acupuncturist and author Emma Cannon says "Michael and I first worked together in 2004 and since then we have worked with hundreds of couples wishing to become parents. I am delighted to be collaborating with Michael for The Fertility Show to help to demonstrate to couples how effective combining the best from East and West can be. Our aim is always to provide an integrated approach to managing infertility; together with the patients we come up with the best treatment plan we can. Sometimes that mean patients will need IVF right away in which case I would support with acupuncture. Sometimes the patient does not need IVF and there is an opportunity to explore less invasive methods such as nutrition, acupuncture or helping them manage stress or overcome emotional difficulties.

There are many roads into infertility and patients need help and support with this. It is challenging and demanding working in this way as it requires great communication skills, but Michael and I believe it is what patients want and expect. My experience is that this approach takes care not only of the mechanics of the body but also the emotion and helps the patient feel more supported and calmer through what can be a very difficult journey. "

Gynaecologist and author Michael Dooley from The Poundbury Clinic will be exhibiting at the Fertility Show this year with natural Fertility Expert, Acupuncturist and author Emma Cannon. The Poundbury Clinic offers an individualised patient centred approach to fertility creating a personalised tailored package for their patients under the expert guidance of Medical Directors Michael Dooley and Bronwyn Bell who consult in Dorset and London.

Founder Michael Dooley says "Your bespoke service will include making a diagnosis and maximising your fertility. We offer integrated care using specialised complementary practitioners including The Emma Cannon Practice and medical experts with skills in treating surgically correctable conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids. In association with highly respected worldwide clinics we provide assisted reproductive treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI and egg donation. "

Information about The Poundbury Clinic’s unique education programme and Fertility Retreats will be available at the stand throughout the show.

For more information about Emma Cannon visit or the Poundbury Clinic visit