Press Release: Emma Cannon Festival Guide

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My Festival Guide, by Fertility and Pregnancy Expert Emma CannonEmma Cannon

Always eat before you drink. Eat something with protein in at the morning.

Take a supplement of Chlorella (fresh water algae), which is high in protein and great for the liver.

Boost your system by snacking on Ayurvedic super food Chyawanprash; a delicious natural health tonic full of vitamin C and antioxidants, which revitalizes both body and mind.

Take hand wipes with you and use after visiting the toilets.

I think you can't beat wellies, even if it's not raining they protect your feet when visiting flooded toilets.

My pregnant girl friend swore by her rubber ring for sitting on in the toilets because she was too big to hover.

Take a yoga mat, great for stretching in the morning and doing a few sun salutations, light to carry around with and useful for sitting on when the ground is moist and your legs are weary.

Take a probiotic (2 billion CFU), to help protect the gut from any nasties.

If you are pregnant be careful where you put your tent and keep it away from strong smells like the disinfectant in the toilets.

Take a hat, sometimes there is little shade and occasionally the sun does shine and you might be in it a very long time if it does.

Lucas Papaw ointment is a cure all for all bites, burns, chafing and dry lips.

Hug a friend and tell them what they mean to you - it's good to appreciate life and those we love.

Dancing is good for the soul, so make sure you let go and have a good time and remember sometimes the natural highs in life are the best.