Press Release: MEGA Bloks Need for Speed

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Join the race for Christmas!

This Christmas your kids will be racing to open their presents and they won’t be disappointed with the hugely anticipated launch of the new MEGA Bloks Need For Speed construction toy range based on the most successful racing video game series of all time!

Bringing this thrilling game to a build and play experience, MEGA Bloks Need for Speed Mega Bloks Need for Speedoffers a diverse line of the world’s most popular and exotic sports cars featuring three different scales of vehicles: Action Scale, Custom Scale & Collector Scale!  From the Audi R8 to the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the collection will appeal not only to boys 6+ but also teenagers, gamers, collectors and especially dads. 

The MEGA Bloks Need for Speed Starter Packs (1:55) make great stocking fillers and with a choice of six different models, including the slick & sporty Audi R8, classic but powerful Ford Mustang RTR-X and super cool McClaren MP4-12C, you won’t struggle for ideas this festive season. With stylish NFS branded key launchers, boys just simply flip out the launcher, plug it into the ignition and rip up the racetrack at mind blowing speeds. 

Fans can race against friends and collect the whole set to see who will take pole position! Step it up a notch with the Custom Scale Packs (1:38) which all feature two cool interchangeable parts so Need for Speed fans can build a truly unique ride! Boys can build, play and display their cars for the whole racing world to see. The custom packs include:

1.) Porsche 911 GT3 RS
The Porsche GT3 RS with 55 building parts is the high performance version of the Porsche 911! This sleek speed machine is painted electric blue with red racing stripes and has an incredible 300 horsepower-to-tonne ratio and capable of a top speed of 193 mph. Boys can customise the Porsche GT3 RS with a vented racing hood or thin-spoke black rims. 

2.) McLaren Mp4-12C
Car enthusiasts will love the McLaren MP4-12C containing a McLaren M838T twin-turbo 3.8 L V8 engine that can go from 0 to 124 mph in under 10 seconds! The 70 piece set is painted metallic orange with "MP4-12C" painted on the doors!  Fans can customize the McLaren MP4-12C from with interchangeable front and rear spoilers. 

3.) Nissan GTR
Speed demons should not miss the Nissan GTR, known around the world as one of the fastest all-wheel drive cars on the road! The GTR has a 3.8-litre, 485-horse V6 standard engine can reach speeds of 193 mph in under 3.5 seconds! This road-ripping Nissan GTR includes 67 pieces and has a fiery red paint job with black racing stripes along the bottom and sides of the car! Boys can customize the Nissan GTR with an interchangeable front racing foil or thin-spoke black street rims

4.) Ford Mustang RTR-X
The stylish Ford Mustang RTR-X is the exclusive street beast of Need for Speed! This awesome fusion-designed muscle car includes nearly 70 pieces and is dark grey with neon green rims and highlights on the hood and back of the car! Boys can customise the Mustang RTR-X with silver mags along with glow in the dark mags, a glow in the dark hood highlight paint job, and longer exposed velocity stacks.

5.) Audi R8
The 70 piece Audi R8 Police Cruiser is one of the most awesome police cars to ever take part in a police pursuit! Now boys can build the Audi R8 with its 5.2-litre V10-powered engine with 518 horsepower and 391 lb/ft. of torque and rip up the roads of Seacrest Valley as you chase down the bad guys! This awesome Audi R8 is painted is painted in black and white police colours and decals. Boys can customise the Audi R8 Police Cruiser by MEGA Bloks with interchangeable police lights or jet black street rims.  

Bound to take off this Christmas, is the awesome Wheel Launcher designed to allow boys to practice cool tricks with their action scale cars.  Using the wheel, speed demons can send their cars racing to the finish line and aim the cars at ramps and jumps. The set includes an action scale vehicle.

The Need for Speed Dream Garage is a showroom and storage facility, so cars can be built and customised in a garage just like professionals do! Featuring LED lights for car display and a display wall for customisable parts, the Dream Garage really shows off the custom scale range in style.

For older kids, gamers, collectors and no doubt a lot of dads across the country, MEGA Bloks launches an exclusive Need for Speed Collector Scale Porsche GT3 RS (1:14).  Need For Speed fans can build their own highly detailed jet black and red GT3 RS with authentic Porsche pieces, straight from the video game franchise.