Press Release: National Breastfeeding Week - Stylish Solutions @ Bb London

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Babes With Babies

Next week is National Breastfeeding Week in the UK.  Medical and social experts agree that if possible, breastfeeding is the best option for new mums. However, it's not always the easiest option and many women are self-conscious feeding in public (exposing bits of themselves they would rather people don't see). Lots give up early because of it - which is a shame as there's a whole new generation of breastfeeding tops which are stylish and help support breastfeeding discreetly.  Chic e-boutique Babes with Babies London has a gorgeous range of breastfeeding tops. Designed to flatter the new mum figure and allow you to feed in public without revealing your tummy/boobs to every Tom, Dick, Harry and Father-in-law in the room. Plus - no-one can tell they are breastfeeding tops - no zips or obvious signs.

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