Press Release: Stress free travel for babies, children, and parents too....

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Taking the children away this summer?

Whether you're camping, taking a road trip, staying in a hotel, cottage, b&b, with friends or family, at home or abroad - don't forget these three essentials: Invented by a mum who's been there, done that, the award-winning (and now new slim-line) Cot Canopy, new ProtectiShade and TrayKit are three crucial pieces of kit to help keep your children happy, protected, safe and most importantly, fully rested while you're away. Allowing you all to have a great family holiday!

The award-winning Content&Calm Cot CanopyTM is a lightweight portable canopy that fits over all standard cots and travel cots to provide the darkness and consistent environment that helps babies and toddlers to sleep well, and not wake with the dawn break.

Perfect for camping, road trips, holidays, weekends away, the Cot Canopy also doubles up as a brilliant insect and cat net.

Cleverly designed for parents to chose the level of darkness, the Cot Canopy packs up in to a neat slim-line carry bag. RRP £99.99

The Content&Calm ProtectiShadeTM is the only shade to give children 360o UV protection from the sun when travelling in the car and it's the only 3-in-1 sun canopy that fits:

  • Rear-facing infant car seats (group 0 & 0+)

  • Forward facing seats (group 1 & 2)

  • Pushchairs and buggies too!

Truly flexible, the ProtectiShade can be adjusted to provide front and side shade and there's a neat pocket containing an additional mesh layer which can be rolled down to provide 360o shade when it's needed.

And when you're not in the car, pop ProtectiShade onto the buggy and your child will be shaded there too!

ProtectiShade protects from sunlight and glare whilst still allowing good visibility and ventilation and allows children to sleep peacefully and safely when on the move. Perfect for travelling it packs up neatly into a smart slim-line carry bag. Launching May 2010 RRP £39.99

Take it, Pack it, Strap it! The innovative TrayKitTM is a fantastic all-in-one child's backpack, which straps to train, plane and car tray-tables to provide an extendable play surface with raised sides - no more picking up toys from the floor again and again and again... making travelling with children more fun for them and more relaxing for you! Children love to have their own bag to pack and keep their toys in, but TrayKitTM gives them their own play space too. It straps easily to a tray-table or sits on a lap, and once in place unzips to provide the perfect space for drawing, playing with toys, writing a novel - what ever your child wants to do. There are even special pockets for storing pens, snacks, games consoles and favourite toys and the clever design means it stays open even if the person in front reclines their seat.

An extendable shelf makes a larger play area if needed and TrayKitTM has a raised edge all the way round to stop playthings rolling onto the floor.

Each TrayKitTM also comes with a collectable Travel BugTM that clips onto the outside. Available to buy separately too, get a new one for each trip!

Content&Calm TrayKitTM is available in May 2010 RRP £24.99

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