Press Release: Suncrest launch 'Play to Learn'!

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It’s the wettest drought since records began - so we need something to make us giggle…

Suncrest toy

Suncrest launch Play to Learn, a gorgeous family of infant toys.

Each toy is designed to awaken, stimulate and encourage a baby’s senses using texture, sound and sight.

A newborn’s sight isn’t fully developed, but they respond happily to contrasting colours and the simple friendly faces on the Play to Learn family of toys are instantly recognisable. 

From very early on babies love to touch and feel different textures so the Play to Learn family is crinkly, stretchy, squidgy, bendy, soft and friendly - perfect for little hands.

And a newborn baby has excellent hearing, so the Play to Learn family is noisy with rattles and clacks, squeaks and giggles, all guaranteed to have little hands reaching out in delight.

Riley, Basil, Walter, Layla, Dylan, Syd and Neville are a gorgeous, fun and affordable family of friends who love to play as baby learns.