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Bibs and Stuff Waterproof Protector Sheet

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PRODUCT: Bibs and Stuff Waterproof Protector Sheet ( and Stuff Bed Protector

DESCRIPTION: An absorbant reusable top sheet for protecting the bed mattress and sheet against bed wetting accidents. Dimensions are 75 x 85cm.

GOOD POINTS: The sheet is an ideal product for protecting your child's bed sheets and mattress during toilet training. It is a large piece of padding which sits on top of the bed sheet, and which your child sleeps on top of. It usefully has a non-slip backing to prevent it from sliding around with body movement.

The surface of the sheet is a cotton/poly material which is quilted to provide maximum comfort for your child to sleep on. An absorbant inner layer quickly draws moisture away from the surface, while a further waterproof barrier prevents the moisture from soaking through to the bedding and mattress below.

The protector sheet is very easy to wash (and suitable for bleaching), which allows it to be used over and over, and it can be folded up compactly for easy travel and storage. Overall, the Waterproof Protector Sheet is a simple and effective way to protect mattresses and bedding from spills and accidents, and allows you all to have a peaceful night's sleep!


PRICE: £15


Available from Amazon: Bibs & Stuff Waterproof Sheet Protector


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