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VTech My First Phone

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PRODUCT: VTech My First Phone (
VTech My First Phone

DESCRIPTION: A plastic pull-along electronic toy telephone with phrases, music, and sound effects. Includes a light-up screen, removable handset, and message recorder. Requires 3 x AA batteries (included). Suitable for children aged 12 months upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The My First Phone is another colourful and very appealing toy from the VTech Baby range, with many fun buttons and features to keep your child fully entertained.

The phone is plastic and has four rolling wheels to allow it to be maneouvred along the floor, as well as a pull cord so that your child can tow it behind them. While the phone is moving it will play a range of melodies and animal sound effects. For very young children the phone can be converted to a push toy by removing the cord, which can be conveniently stored in the battery compartment underneath.

On the front of the phone are twelve large multicoloured buttons set out like a standard keypad, with numbers as well as letters of the alphabet and animal pictures on each button. Above the keypad is a large LED screen which provides simple animations to reinforce the buttons visually.

On the bottom of the phone is an off switch and choice of two modes: numbers or letters. The switch is a large ring which is easy for small hands and fingers to slide across to the different modes. In the letters mode each button says aloud the corresponding letters when pressed, and in the numbers mode, the corresponding number.

The musical note button on the bottom right of the keypad activates one of a range of melodies, and pressing the keypad buttons while the melody is playing activates various fun sound effects in the numbers mode, and animal noises in the letter mode which relate to the animal picture on the button. The star button on the bottom left of the keypad makes a ringing noise when pressed. When pressed again, it plays a tune with accompanying lyrics.

To the right of the screen and keypad is a removable handset which rattles when shaken, and contains a baby-safe mirror and sliding peek-a-boo window revealing different pictures. Removing and inserting the handset back into position on the main phone unit activates various phone phrases.

Another great feature of the phone is the green message button (with a picture of an envelope on the front), accompanied by a feature on the underside of the unit which allows your child to record their own message. To do this the two red buttons need to be held down together, upon which a beep is heard to signify to your child to start recording their voice into the integrated microphone next to the message button on the front. Pressing the message button again will then play back the pre-recorded message until it is recorded over with a new one. While the message is playing, the LED screen will light up with animations.

The toy has a useful volume control option, and also an automatic shut-off function to preserve battery life if the phone is inactive for more than half a minute. The toy can be reactivated by pressing any of the buttons.

In our opinion this is a really great toy which has excellent educational benefits. As well as providing your child with plenty of sensory stimulation and promotion of motor skills, it teaches your child about basic concepts of the alphabet, counting, and animal recognition. Furthermore, the toy is very hard-wearing and will easily withstand the rigours of baby play.

BAD POINTS: None, other than the toy is battery operated, although rechargeable batteries can be used to save on cost.

PRICE: Approx. £20

Available from Amazon: VTech My First Phone  

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