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Tomy Roaring Raa Raa Soft Toy

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PRODUCT: Tomy Roaring Raa Raa Soft Toy ( Roaring Raa Raa

DESCRIPTION: An interactive plush toy of Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, based on the CBeebies television series of the same name, with a push-down head that makes him move, talk and roar. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included). Approx. 30cm tall. Suitable for children aged 18 months upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Any young fans of the popular 'Raa Raa the Noisy Lion' programme on CBeebies will love the Roaring Raa Raa soft toy from Tomy.

This interactive Raa Raa stands unaided and is covered in a plush material which is wonderfully soft to the touch. The toy is generously sized for small hands to easily hold, carry and operate, and the finish and detailing is also of excellent quality - Raa Raa's cute facial features with shiny oversized plastic nose, 'ready-to-roar' mouth with fun plastic teeth, and big padded mane make him instantly lovable and recognisable to young children. 

A feature of the toy which children will particularly love is its interactive design. Raa Raa's head can be pushed down which puts him in a crouching pouncing position, at the same time activating some fun phrases in the voice of Raa Raa himself. Letting go of his head makes him roar, and as he does he shakes and wobbles around as he moves back into an upright standing position again. What's more, the harder and longer your child pushes his head down, the more Raa Raa will roar!

Tomy Roaring Raa RaaRest assured that the toy is not at all scary for young children despite the 'roaring' feature, and older toddlers and preschoolers will easily be able to push the head down themselves. In addition, the toy has developmental benefits for young children in providing plenty of sensory stimulation, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

The toy is battery operated and replacement is easy via the battery compartment on the underside of Raa Raa's foot.

In all, a fun and nicely designed toy that makes a great gift for any girl or boy.

BAD POINTS: The toy is battery operated, although batteries are included on purchase. There is a limited number of Raa Raa phrases. Very young children will not be able to operate the toy themselves.

PRICE: £29.99

Available from Amazon: Tomy Roaring Raa Raa

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