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WOW Toys Fire Rescue Rory

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PRODUCT: WOW Toys Fire Rescue Rory ( Toys Fire Rescue Rory

DESCRIPTION: A plastic trigger-powered battery-free toy Emergency Search and Rescue Helicopter, with magnetic pick-up feature and friction-powered main rotor. Includes two play figures and a magnetic stretcher. Suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years.

GOOD POINTS:  If you're looking for a good quality and highly durable interactive toy for your toddler then Fire Rescue Rory, like all the WOW Toys products, will not disappoint.

Fire Rescue Rory is a wonderfully bright and vibrant emergency search and rescue helicopter, mainly red in colour with eye catching yellow, white and blue detail. It is made from an incredibly sturdy plastic to withstand knocks, and its large chucky size is perfect for small children to hold and explore.

Rory has a friendly smiling face, wonderful detail, and all the realistic features of a helicopter that will make it instantly recognisable to young children, including main rotor (with four 'blades), tail boom and rotor, and sturdy landing skids which enable the helicopter to stand unaided. Its cockpit is spacious with some fabulous embossed and sticker detailing, along with a seat well to hold a play figure.

Wow Toys Fire Rescue RoryThe toy comes with not one but two great little play figures; the first is a search and rescue pilot to fly the helicopter, with fantastic attention to detail in his outfit, hat and fireman's hose; the other is an injured boy patient, complete with bandaged leg and face plaster!

One of Rory's great interactive features is a handle on the rear that your child can hold to 'fly' the helicopter. Furthermore, squeezing the red trigger on the underside of the handle activates Rory's friction-powered rotor blades, which spin round while making realistic engine sounds. The tail rotor can also be manually turned to make clicking noises.

The playset additionally comes with a fun little magnetic stretcher that the patient play figure can lie down in, and which Rory can magically lift up using a matching magnetic pick-up point on his underside. Once the patient has reached safety, the stretcher can be released by twisting the helicopter's searchlight!

The toy's vibrant colours, realistic sounds and interactive features are ideal for stimulating your child's visual, auditory and tactile senses, as well as developing fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, the accompanying play figure and stretcher accessories encourage lots of imaginative, interactive and independent role-play. The packaging for Fire Rescue Rory is very informative, with background scenes to match the toy, and the accompanying WOW Toys promotional leaflet includes a picture for your child to colour in.

This is, in our opinion, a fun and appealing toy which is built to last and has been designed to cater brilliantly for the developmental needs of young children...what's more, it's battery free!

BAD POINTS: None, other than the sticker detailing may be worn off over time.

PRICE: £14.99 (Rory is exclusive to Argos and available from July 2011)


Available from Argos only


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