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Mookie Toys Mini Swingball

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PRODUCT: Mookie Toys Mini Swingball ( Toys Mini Swingball

DESCRIPTION: A compact desktop version of the Pro Swingball game, with flying windicator, scoring dials and sucker feet. Includes base with lift-up spiral head, tether with attached ball, windicator prop and 2 x mini Checkerbats. Suitable for children aged 3 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: This mini Swingball set from Mookie Toys is a fantastic desktop game to provide great fun at the office or at home with the family.

The game is based on the modern Pro Swingball game and has the signature black and green striking colour scheme. It is a wonderfully compact size, and consists of a small plastic box-shaped base with sucker feet on the underside that enable it to be affixed quickly and easily to the playing surface, be it desk, table or worktop (a smooth surface is recommended).

The base has an extending spiral head clipped to the centre which can be lifted up into its vertical position by releasing the catch on the top of the base - when not being used, this spiral head pushes back down into itself, and can be folded over and locked into a horizontal position along the base to make it a compact size and shape for slipping into any bag. 

A plastic rigid tether with a soft foam-covered ball attached clips onto the middle of the spiral head, and two miniature but chunky Checkerbats (complete with raised pattern handles for grip) are included for play, with the aim that players bat the ball against each other in opposite directions until they manage to get the tether to the top or bottom of the spiral head, dependent on whether they are batting clockwise or anti-clockwise.

A unique little 'windicator' feature on top of the head literally flies off when the tether reaches either end, indicating that a player has won. This windicator needs to be set prior to each play by simply winding it several turns clockwise (this is all explained in more detail on the back of the packaging). To enable players to keep count of their wins, there are even two little manually-operated scoring dials on the front of the base.

This is, in our opinion, a really great little desktop game which is sturdy, compact and provides hours of fun...regardless of your age!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £9.99

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