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Hasbro Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Electronic Galactic Defender

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PRODUCT: Hasbro Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Electronic Galactic Defender Hasbro Toys Story Buzz Lightyear

DESCRIPTION: A fully poseable Buzz Lightyear toy with retractable helmet, targeting visor, lights, sounds, phrases and backpack missile launcher. Toy is 12" tall. Requires 3 x AA batteries (included). Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: For any Toy Story fans out there, the Buzz Lightyear Electronic Galactic Defender is a fun-packed interactive toy.

The figure is plastic and a good size for small children to play with, with wonderfully bright colours and all the familiar detailing that makes his character instantly recognisable.

Buzz stands unsupported and has articulated limbs (including hands) which enable your child to position him in a number of fun action poses. His helmet can be flipped open and shut, and a special high-tech 'targeting visor' (which is included) can be easily attached to the front of the helmet to help him identify the enemy!

The toy also comes with a wonderful 'attack pack' - a cool looking blue and green backpack which attaches to Buzz's back and works as a missile launcher. One missile is included, which simply slots into the top of the launcher and can be fired by pressing the big silver button on the backpack.

Furthermore, the figure has several buttons on its chest which activate a number of fun Buzz phrases, and a small button on its arm produces flashing laser lights and 'blasting' sound effects. The toy requires batteries for this (which are also included), and replacing the batteries is easy via the battery compartment on the figure's back (a Phillips screwdriver will be required for this).

In our opinion, this is a reasonably priced toy for Buzz Lightyear fans that has great playability and many interactive features to promote plenty of Toy Story adventures.

BAD POINTS: The toy is battery operated. There is no 'off' switch and it only comes with one missile.

PRICE: Approx. £19.99

Available from Amazon: Hasbro Buzz Lightyear

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