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Spin Master Zoobles Family Day Car

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Zoobles Family Day Car ( )Spin Master Zoobles Family Car

DESCRIPTION: A plastic playset from the Zoobles Family Day toy range featuring a pink family car with 'pop open' extendable design to hold six Zoobles, and opening truck. Includes 1 x unique 'spring to life' Zooble, 1 x 'spring to life' vehicle, 1 x metal card, 1 x umbrella, 1 x beach ball, 1 x bottle, 1 x cooler box, 4 x cups, 1 x sunglasses, 1 x bucket and spade, and other picnic play accessories. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Zoobles Family Car is a complete playset to impress any young Zoobles fans and forms just one of the great Zoobles Family sets from Spin Master Toys.

This playset is a lot of fun and contains some great accessories that young girls particularly will love for acting out many a road trip adventure. The main feature of the set is a wonderfully pink and purple plastic convertible car, with three blue rolling wheels (one at the back and two at the front) and matching blue headlamps, windscreen trim, side mirrors and boot. Pretty engraved flowers and purple twirls down each side of the car add a lovely touch. The detailing inside and out is really authentic, from the external door handles and tyre treads to the stylish interior seats, Spin Master Zoobles Family Cardashboard, steering wheel and gear lever!

The great surprise feature of the car is activated via a small pink push-button on the front bonnet, whereupon the car 'springs to life', transforming from a small car with two rows of seats, to a large family carrier with three rows, big enough to fit all your Zooble family and friends (up to six). The trunk of the car also flips open to reveal a storage space for some of the many accompanying accessories.

These accessories are really cute, and feature everything a Zooble family could need for a day out at the park or beach, including a coordinated beach ball, bucket and spade set, cooler box (with removable lid), drinks bottle and cups, as well as a variety of authentic looking cardboard food items (crisps, barbequed hot dogs and apples to name a few!) and magnetic picnic rug; in addition, a large sun umbrella and base, as well as a very cool pair of Zooble sunglasses (which actually sit on your Zooble's head).

The unique Zooble that comes with the playset has a cute rabbit design, with ear and paw detailing, as well as a pretty matching flower pattern around its head. Like all the Zoobles, this character (called Harry) contains springy components that allow it to curl up completely into a compact rolling ball which magically pops open again (including its eyes) when placed on the magnetic card 'hot spot'.

In our opinion, this really is a brilliant playset for young girls, with so much to keep them entertained and plenty of great features and accessories to engage much imaginative Zooble family role play!

BAD POINTS: The sets are quite small and delicate, and may get easily stepped on or lost. The boot space is quite limited in respect to the large amount of accessories provided.

PRICE: £19.99


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