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Spin Master Zoobles Mama & Zoobling

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Zoobles Mama & Zoobling ( Master Zoobles Mama and Zoobling

DESCRIPTION: A collection of little plastic characters from the Zoobles toy range which 'spring to life' when placed on their special 'Happitat' hot spot. Each set includes 1 x Mama Zooble, 1 x Baby Zooble and 1 x Happitat (with hot spot). There are three in the range: Jumper & Bumper, Teeter & Totter, and Tortie & Morty. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Zoobles Mama & Zoobling playsets are a very cute and collectible little range of toys from the Spin Master Zoobles range that young girls in particular will love.

Each of these Zoobles sets (and there are three to collect in this Mama & Zoobling range) consists of a generously sized Zooble Mama, each with its own name and brightly coloured exterior, as well as its own unique colourful 'Happitat' dwelling. Each of the Zooble characters contains springy components that allow it to curl up into a compact rolling ball which pops open again when placed on a special magnetic 'hot spot' area on its Happitat. Even the Zoobles eyes open as it folds back out!

Spin Master Zoobles Mama and ZooblingThe great feature of these sets is that each of the Mama Zoobles comes with a cute Baby Zooble which also curls up into a tiny ball and can be stored inside the Mama Zooble. The baby can be released from its Mama via a small lever on the back of the Mama Zooble, which pops baby out and sends it rolling. Pressing the top of the Baby Zooble's head makes it spring open. In addition, each set contains a special 'cradle' for baby to sit in which is part of the Happitat.

In our opinion, these are really cute little toys for girls that each have their own unique accessories and will provide plenty of fun and imaginative play!

BAD POINTS: The sets are quite small and delicate, and may get easily stepped on or lost.

PRICE: Approx. £9.99 each


Available from Amazon and Argos


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