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Brainstorm Eureka Toys RC Illuminated Moon

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PRODUCT: Brainstorm Eureka Toys RC Illuminated Moon ( RC Illuminated Moon

DESCRIPTION: A home decor accessory of the moon, with twelve illuminated lunar phases. Comes with an infrared remote control for automatic and manual setting, and includes auto shut-off mechanism and educational booklet. Moon requires 4 x AA and remote requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included). The product is approximately 26cm in diameter and 6cm in depth. Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If your child is looking for something a little different to brighten up their bedroom wall, then look no further than the Eureka Toys Remote Controlled Illuminated Moon from Brainstorm.

The product is a really detailed and authentic looking plastic moonscape, about the size of a clock, which hangs on the wall and shines moonlight, creating a fantastic bedroom accessory as well as a great nightlight to reassure your child at bedtime. What's more, the moonscape has a number of different illuminations to mimic twelve real lunar phases, from a new moon through to a full moon!

Brainstorm RC Illuminated MoonThe product comes with a small white remote control which enables your child to have great fun operating the illuminations from a distance. The remote has three buttons: an 'Automatic' button which automatically scrolls through each illuminated lunar phase; a 'Manual' button which lets your child manually scroll through the phases so that they can set it to look like the Moon outside; and a 'Sleep' button, which puts the moon into sleep mode. Note that the moon has an on/off switch located on the top, and also has a handy auto shut-off function which means that it automatically goes into sleep mode after half an hour to preserve battery life. Pressing any button will reactivate it.

The RC Illuminated Moon is really very easy to set up, and hangs just like a picture. There are two hanging holes on the back of the moon to choose from (dependent on whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere!), and it can be fitted vertically to any wall using a screw or masonry nail (not provided). Prior to initial use, four AAA batteries must be inserted into the battery compartment on the back of the moon, and two AA batteries fitted into the remote control - a Philips screwdriver will be required for both (again not included).

Aimed at older children, the product contains a really educational little colour booklet, which offers lots of fascinating pictures, information and facts about the Moon and the Moon phases, along with a list of Full Moon dates and times running right up to 2016!

This is, in our opinion, a really innovative accessory to literally brighten up any bedroom or playroom wall, and one which is both incredibly entertaining and full of educational value to satisfy enquiring young minds!

BAD POINTS: Batteries are not included (although rechargeable batteries can be used). The moon switches off after thirty minutes so will not stay illuminated should your child wake in the night.

PRICE: £29.99


Available from Amazon: Eureka Toys RC Illuminated Moon


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